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Hurricane Beryl Hit His Home. Solar Power Kept His Lights On.

Brent McNiel's home in Richmond, Texas, remained powered during Hurricane Beryl thanks to his solar and battery system from Sunrun Solar.

Federal Agency Approves Tennessee Pipeline Through Communities of Color, Raising Costs and Environmental Concerns

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has greenlit a significant methane gas pipeline project through predominantly Black and brown communities in Tennessee, raising environmental

KHOU 11 Investigates: How Much Did CenterPoint Spend on Tree Maintenance Last Year?

CenterPoint Energy spent significantly less on tree maintenance compared to other utilities serving Greater Houston.

July 11, 2024
Mapped: The Deadly U.S. Heat Wave Marches On

A record-breaking heat wave continues to afflict the U.S., particularly the East and West, with forecasts predicting its spread to the Southeast.

FEMA Will Now Consider Climate Change When It Rebuilds After Floods

FEMA is revising its disaster rules to incorporate climate change impacts when rebuilding after floods.

The Critical Role Trees Play During Heat Waves

Carlos Claussell Velez discusses the significant impact of trees in mitigating the effects of urban heat islands, particularly during heat waves.

In a First, a Solar Microgrid Will Directly Power an Industrial Plant

Timet’s new titanium production facility in Ravenswood, West Virginia, will be the first industrial plant in the U.S. powered by a solar microgrid.

Old Pipes Cause Texas Cities to Lose Tens of Billions of Gallons of Water Each Year

Aging water infrastructure in Texas's major cities is leading to significant water loss, with approximately 88 billion gallons wasted in the past year.

Albuquerque Made Itself Drought-Proof. Then Its Dam Started Leaking

Albuquerque's efforts to ensure a stable water supply have been undermined by a critical issue: the El Vado Dam, a key infrastructure piece for the city's water management

The Supreme Court Just Pushed Environmental Justice Even Further Aside

On June 27, the Supreme Court paused the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) "good neighbor" rule, which aimed to reduce interstate pollution by holding polluters accountable.

How a Land Purchase Inspired by an Unfulfilled Promise Aims to Make People of Color Feel Welcome in the Wilderness

The 40 Acre Conservation League, led by Jade Stevens, has purchased 650 acres of land bordering the Tahoe National Forest in Northern California.

The Quick, Quiet Death of Biden’s Natural Gas Export Pause

President Biden's January decision to pause new liquefied natural gas (LNG) export approvals was initially hailed by climate activists as a significant win.

Polluted Air Threatens the Health of New Mexico Infants

A new study by the University of New Mexico’s Department of Geography and Environmental Studies links air pollution to low birth weight among infants born near industrial sites in

The Supreme Court Just Pushed Environmental Justice Even Further Aside

The Supreme Court's recent decision to eliminate the Chevron deference marks a significant shift in regulatory authority, potentially weakening numerous environmental protections.

Texas Legislators Approve Bill to Fund Power Grid Improvements and New Energy Projects

Texas lawmakers have passed a bill to establish a new energy fund aimed at improving the state's power grid and supporting new energy projects.

More Toxic Ash Unearthed Near Housing Site

Environmental hazards have emerged at the 800 Middle Street low-income housing project in East Houston, as tree removal has exposed large amounts of toxic ash.

Texas Opens More Coastal Waters for Carbon Dioxide Injection Wells

Texas has expanded the availability of its coastal waters for carbon dioxide injection wells, designating over a million acres for proposals from companies to sequester

Louisiana's Cancer Alley Residents Face Higher Risk of Toxic Gas Exposure, Study Finds

A new study reveals that residents of Louisiana's Cancer Alley face a significantly higher risk of exposure to toxic gases.

June 26, 2024
Fact Sheet: Vice President Harris Announces First-of-its-Kind Funding to Lower Housing Costs by Reducing Barriers to Building More Homes

Vice President Kamala Harris has unveiled a groundbreaking funding initiative aimed at reducing housing costs by addressing barriers to home construction.

June 26, 2024
Toxic Surprise: Affordable Housing Project in East Houston Built on Contaminated Land

An affordable housing project in East Houston has been built on contaminated land, raising serious environmental and health concerns.

After SCOTUS Decision, Georgia Will Keep Problematic Voting System for Energy Regulators

Following a Supreme Court decision, Georgia will continue using a contentious voting system for electing energy regulators.

ComEd's Computer Billing Fiasco Shuts Down Community Solar Program

A major billing system failure at ComEd has forced the shutdown of its community solar program, leaving thousands of customers in limbo.

Extreme Heat Kills 1,301 Pilgrims During the Hajj in Mecca

Severe heat has tragically claimed the lives of 1,301 pilgrims during this year's Hajj in Mecca.

U.S. EPA & DOE Announce $850 Million to Reduce Methane Pollution from the Oil & Gas Sector

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE) have announced an $850 million initiative to curb methane emissions from the oil and gas sector.

Climate Advocates Should Be Urbanists: Part 2

In the second part of a series, The Urbanist argues that climate advocates should align with urbanist principles to effectively combat climate change.

Tri-State Rural Coop Breaks Ground on Its First Solar Plants

Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association has initiated construction on its first solar power plants, marking a significant shift toward renewable energy for the rural ele

When Hot Weather Arrives, Worker Productivity Is at Risk

Extreme heat waves, exacerbated by climate change, are significantly impacting worker productivity in the U.S.

Forever Chemicals Are Poisoning Your Insurance

Insurance companies are grappling with the financial fallout from PFAS, or "forever chemicals," which are increasingly linked to environmental and health damages.

Former Houston Development Official and 2 Vendors Face Charges in $8.5M Public Funds Scheme

A former official from Houston’s Midtown Redevelopment Authority, Todd Edwards, along with vendors Veronica Ugorji and Kenneth Jones, faces felony charges for misappropriating $8

Rice Kinder Institute report: Homeownership growing from historically affordable to out of reach for many Houston residents

A new report from Rice University's Kinder Institute reveals that while homeownership is becoming more historically affordable in some areas, it remains out of reach for many