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Environmental racism remains a pressing issue in the United States, highlighted by a series of modern-day examples that underscore systemic inequalities.

Lanessa Owens-Chaplin and Simon McCormack discuss concerns over the redevelopment plan for Buffalo's Route 33, known as the Kensington Expressway.

There's a critical need for integrating sustainability into disaster recovery efforts, particularly within Black communities, amid rising climate-driven disaster

In a report by Sakchi Khandelwal published on February 15, 2024, The People's Network explores a contemporary battle against environmental racism in Dallas, Texas.

The City of Houston approved hundreds of development projects in an area recognized as a cancer cluster. Following investigations by 13 Investigates

The Biden administration's decision to pause the permitting process for some new natural gas export projects in Louisiana, reflecting the influence of Black environmental activism

Houston city officials have announced that Kashmere Gardens, a neighborhood northeast of downtown Houston, will receive the city's first Resilience Hub

The ecological impacts of historical systemic racism on urban biodiversity are explored.

Black Americans once owned millions of acres of land after the Civil War, but today, nearly 90% of it is no longer in their hands due to violence, eminent domain, and discriminato

Houston City Council allocated $5 million to relocate people from cancer clusters identified by the Texas Department of Health and Human Services.

This article delves into the concept of "sacrifice zones" and their impact on marginalized communities. The piece, originally produced by Earth | Food | Life, highlights.

Brazil's supreme court has voted against a proposal to restrict Indigenous land rights, a decision hailed as a historic victory for the country's Indigenous communities.

A Deloitte report has highlighted the issue of "climate racism," which disproportionately impacts marginalized communities in Canada, particularly Indigenous and racialized groups

A recent report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has revealed significant disparities in the federal government's "Equity in Action" flood insurance program.

Black and Hispanic Lubbock residents demand federal intervention in zoning and environmental policies.

The East Ramapo Central School District, located about 30 miles north of New York City, has received a failing rating for all 13 of its school buildings in a state-mandated survey

The Sandridge community in South Carolina, a predominantly Black neighborhood with historic value, is facing displacement due to the construction of the Conway Perimeter Road.

Nopetro Energy, the company behind a proposed liquified natural gas (LNG) plant in the Florida Panhandle, announced that it will not proceed with the project, following litigation

A new analysis has raised concerns about theeffectiveness of the White House's environmental justice program, Justice40, in reducing racial disparities in air quality.

Houston officials have announced plans to relocate residents living in a two to three-block radius of a cancer cluster site in the Fifth Ward.

In an opinion piece by Rosa Galvez, the handling of a recent oilsands tailings spill in northern Alberta is described as a clear case of environmental racism

Environmental expert Dr. Robert Bullard discusses findings to address Shiloh flooding.

EPA retreats on Louisiana investigations that alleged Black people lived amid higher cancer risk

Residents of Cancer Alley in Louisiana have appealed for fence line air monitoring

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and Houston have reached a voluntary agreement to settle an environmental justice complaint regarding alleged discriminatory practices

Grassroots groups are collecting their own pollution data to increase accountability and demand environmental justice.

Houston residents protest proposed cutback in neighborhood drainage spending amid revenue surge

This article addresses the systemic racism and environmental injustice experienced by Latino farmworkers in the US, focusing on their exposure to the herbicide paraquat.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and City Councilwoman Dr. Letitia Plummer held a three-day Fifth Ward Cancer Cluster Summit.

More than 21,000 unexpected pollution releases by Texas companies have released over 400,000 tons of air pollution in Texas from 2016 to 2022.

Black communities smothered 24/7 by toxic industries keep getting strung along, with no apology in sight.

Advocates criticized Biden’s Council on Environmental Quality for excluding race as a key factor in its tool and have added the metric in their alternative version.

Residents of a Louisiana parish located in the heart of a cluster of polluting petrochemical factories filed a lawsuit in federal court.

Federal limits on particulate matter commonly known as soot could mean cleaner, safer air for Texans. But environmental experts worry Texas may snub rules.

Residents in industry-choked Randolph renew efforts to block the power company’s plans near their fragile town.

The US Department of Agriculture is rolling out a new $3.1bn program to make payments towards loans for farmers who are behind on loan payments or on the brink of foreclosure.

The U.S. EPA has ordered Union Pacific Railroad to investigate potential contamination in and around the former wood preserving facility in Greater Fifth Ward area of Houston, TX.

The revised version of the U.S. government's "disadvantaged communities" tool automatically considers more than 750 federally recognized tribal tracts disadvantaged.

For years, environmental organizations have nicknamed the 130-mile industrial corridor along the lower Mississippi River between here and Baton Rouge.

In a letter this month, the EPA said that it is investigating a series of complaints that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

The phrase "environmental justice," which Democrats use to define the solution to the disproportionate vulnerability of poor and disadvantaged populations.

St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana is located in Cancer Alley, an 85-mile industrial area between New Orleans and Baton Rouge that is mostly Black.

The Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability, College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences at the University of Oklahoma.

South Africa has identified more than 60 billion rand ($3.5 billion) in investments needed to assist communities in the coal-mining province of Mpumalanga.

Researchers investigated the challenges that stakeholders (government, community, and consultants) face while implementing a new California legislation (Senate Bill 1000) requirin

The first $100 million in environmental justice grants from last year's Inflation Reduction Act will soon be available, according to EPA chief Michael Regan.

The Inflation Reduction Act, the most important climate legislation in US history, passed late last year, marking a turning moment in the fight against environmental racism.

The water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi, is the latest in an arc of environmental catastrophes affecting predominantly Black communities from Flint, Michigan, to New Orleans.

At least 4,250 Covid-19 deaths could have been prevented if California met national air quality standards.