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More than a third of Harris County's acreage is in a FEMA-designated flood plain, a statistic that is anticipated to rise significantly when FEMA issues revised flood maps.

Municipalities are pushing green climate-adaptive infrastructure projects to mitigate climate hazards and maximize socio-environmental advantages.

HUD will soon issue a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking in the Federal Register to fulfill the 1968 Fair Housing Act.

The NAACP appointed Abre' Conner as Director of Environmental and Climate Justice as part of its broader civil rights efforts.

According to the American Cancer Society, black individuals have the highest mortality rate for most cancers. Furthermore, current FDA statistics reveal that more than 75 percent

The deepening of inequalities and lack of fair representation in multilateral financial and economic institutions is impeding the international community's effective response to global challenges, the General Assembly heard today as it continued its annual general debate, with speakers echoing calls for vaccine equity, climate justice and institutional reform.

There were many highlights from Saturday’s commemoration. One memorable moment occurred during the return walk from the area where the toxic landfill was located. Burwell, a long-time activist and community leader, was given a new perspective on an issue she had struggled with for a while.

Interactive Mapping Features Will Provide Communities with Location-Based Information on Extreme Heat, Drought, Wildfires, and Other Climate Impacts